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Coaching Biz Mastery is an internet marketing business that provides done-for-you services and one-on-one consulting to small business owners. Want to Generate More Leads, Increase Your Conversions, and Grow Your Business? We can help. 

*** Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential tool to build up an email subscriber list and an online business. With the ever shortening attention span of consumers, landing pages offer a catchy headline coupled with small, digestible bits of content in exchange for an email address. We will build out graphical, professional landing pages that connect with online advertising campaigns and sales funnels. Landing pages are the key to building your email list. 


Coaching Biz Mastery offers video production and marketing services for use on websites, social media, and membership sites. We offer to bring a mobile green screen to your business to shoot professional grade videos that can boost your brand equity and have viral potential. Want to have videos that match the qualities of the pros? We got you covered. 

*** Email Marketing Campaigns

We will customize and create email marketing campaigns to sell your products and services. Once someone opts in to your email list, it is critical to have a plan and system for converting these prospects into customers. We have proven templates that we adapt to fit your specific business so that you can make money on auto-pilot.

*** Sales Funnels

Get your business rolling with complete sales funnel systems that are tailored for either lead generation, webinar registration, or small ticket item sales. We will help you craft the entire funnel from landing page, to email capture, to sales page, to thank you page. We will also assist you with software integrations so that the email address you capture gets transferred to your email service software. 

*** Advanced LinkedIn Training

The vast majority of business owners that I run into still use LinkedIn as their online resume. This is a major mistake. LinkedIn is much more than just your resume and, as a business owner, it is important to shift your mentality from job hunter to advertiser. LinkedIn should be treated as an online billboard and advertisement for your business. We teach strategies and methods for optimizing your headline, business summary, company page, background photo, profile photo, and more. We also will show you the most efficient techniques for generating real revenue from LinkedIn and how to book one-on-one appointments through the social networking tool. 

Justin Womack is also co-founder of the domain where he offers an online membership site to teach the latest strategies for LinkedIn optimization specifically for business owners. 

*** Set Up / Script Out Online Webinars

If you want to sell your product or service via a webinar, we can set you up with the tools and system to run the campaign. We will teach you an outline for a successful VSL (Video Sales Letter) presentation and assist you with crafting a sales webinar that converts. We can then show you how to host the webinar as a recurring, automated presentation or demonstrate how to hold live webinars. For an additional fee, we will host and broadcast the webinar through our software so that you don't require a subscription based third-party service. 

*** Live Event / Workshop Promotion

Boost attendance to your live workshops or events. We will promote your local event using a combination of a MeetUp group, EventBrite, organic social media marketing, and paid targeted advertising so that you can run your event with pre-qualified prospects in the room.

*** Build an Optimized Business Website

If you are a business owner without a website, you are missing a critical component of your marketing. We will build you a website that is: 

  •     Mobile Responsive
  •     SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Serviced
  •     Optimized for Lead Generation

Already have a website? We can perform a comprehensive review.

*** Maximize Your Online Business Presence

We will create online business listings for your website to increase visibility.  

  •     Create a Google Business Page
  •     Create a Yelp Page
  •     Get your business on Apple Maps and Google Maps
  •     Create a Bing Page, Yahoo Page, Yellow Pages
  •     And more...

*** Social Media Marketing

We will post and promote your business via social media to:

  •     Increase brand exposure
  •     Create a raving fan-base
  •     Enhance your prestige as an expert

We will manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Using our advanced SEO tools, we will help you curate your posts and content to generate top level interest and to increase your potential for shares and going viral.  

Want to learn Facebook Live, Periscope, and SnapChat for marketing your business, we will teach you.  


If you are launching a brand and want to establish powerful brand recognition, business podcasting is an incredible source of personal branding. With a podcast, you build credibility, you develop a platform to attract influencer guests, and you develop a raving fan base. Learn how we can get you started with launching a podcast from recommending proper equipment, to getting your show listed with Apple, to attracting active listeners.